Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kitchen Table

This was my first kitchen table to paint kettle black.  I have learned a lot about applying high gloss polycrilic on a large flat piece while maintaining a smooth finish. We spent a good amount of time and attention on this piece.  It was hard to let it go since it fit in quite well with my decor.  I had originally stained the distressed areas in colonial maple, but changed to dark walnut to tone down the contrast between the paint and the stain.  The photo below shows the original condition of the table.  It went through quite a transformation!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spice Rack

Just finished this large spice rack this weekend.  My husband bought it at a garage sale in hopes that he could persuade me to use it on the back of our pantry door.  I am not really for that idea, but someone else might really be in need of it.  So, I am posting it and would be happy to sell it for $50.  It is painted high gloss kettle black.  It has walnut stain on distressed areas and a high gloss top coat.  The dimensions are 20 inches wide and 49 inches for the height.  I thought it could be used for something other than a spice rack if you wanted to be creative, but my husband insists that its true function is to serve as a spice rack.  Ah! men... they're so practical.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Projects

  These are few of my new projects to kick off the year.These first two projects are pieces that I may potentially sell.  I have some ideas about what color I might paint them, but I would like your input as well.  If you see it in your home, let me know!

  This bookshelf can hold baskets and books throughout.  I was thinking it would look good red or maybe pale pink if going in a little girl's room.  What color do you envision for it?

This grandfather clock is going to be a really fun project.  My husband made some repairs to it and put in some shelves.  I originally thought this would be a cool piece in a bathroom with some towels or bath products, but a friend of mine thought it might look kind of "funky" (love her word!) in an entry way with some vintage books etc.  Whatever the look, I think this piece will add a little flare and personality to a home.  And if no one else wants it, I'm keeping it for myself!

  I am painting this kitchen table for a client.  It is going to be painted with high gloss black and will be lightly distressed.

  Stay tuned for more posts on the progress of these projects.  Your input is appreciated!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I am so excited about heading into the new year.  It is off to an amazing start!  I feel so blessed to be given so many wonderful opportunities and a family that supports me through it all.  I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the hustle and bustle of 2013.  I have set some personal and professional goals which I will continue to work toward and evaluate.  I am so fortunate to have some painting projects already lined up for the next couple of months.  They will definitely keep me busy.  A few are for clients and there are also some pieces for myself that I will be working on.  I will be posting on these throughout the process. I am also working hard on my writing project. I feel like I am in a really good place with my novel.  I am working hard to achieve the goals I have set for that work on a regular basis. It will be another busy year, but I happily embrace all of the new an exciting changes headed my way in this new year!