my pen

A Writer's Notebook-
I love keeping my notebooks close to me at all times.  I never know when an idea is going to reveal itself.  Writers have different ways for keeping up with their writing, but for me I have found that a notebook suits me.  I make sure to date each entry and give it a temporary title.  You can find all types and forms of writing in my notebook.  I simply write off the top of my head most times, not really paying attention to my form.  What's important to me is getting the words down as quickly as I can before they leave my brain. Within the pages of my notebook you can find ideas for stories, observations, thoughts, poems, memoirs, lists, sketches, revisions, quotes, outlines and more.  My notebook is truly a reflection of who I am. It makes me smile to think that someday it might be a treasure that a stranger happens upon, or a perhaps a lasting legacy for my children.  I think of it as a place to deposit the essence of me for safe keeping. 

Here's a peek inside...

A Writer's Space-
Every writer needs inspiration and a perfect space to let it grow.  I come up with most of my ideas as I sit on the back porch at my round table.  I absolutely love being outside and absorbing all of nature's gifts.  My backyard is so full of life and it is a perfect backdrop for inspirational writing.  I think it is really important for any writer to set up a space that allows them to feel comfortable and free.  I have found that for me, I need a space that allows me to observe, notice, and reflect on all the thoughts bouncing around in my head.  My little round table is just right. I can tune in to the sights and sounds around me.  I can focus in on those thoughts that are urging me on to write.  I really believe that a writer's space can truly define the personality and uniqueness of the writer.